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Mutual Faith 2

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Date and venue

Registration Period: 9th August 2018 (Thu) ~ 15th August 2018 (Wed) [UTC+09]
Impression Period: 13th August 2018 (Mon) ~ 2nd September 2018 (Sun) [UTC+09]

Theme: Collaboration

Venue: The event will be hosted on scytheleg's event venue.


Mutual Faith 2 is a "collaboration only" event.

You have to form a group with other people and make a song, and release this song as a BMS.
Every song must be created by at least two people or more.
Feel free to collaborate in any way (Such as one person for music, one for vocals, two people that work on different parts of the music, etc.)

When registering your entry, you have to enter the group's name. The individual artist names for each group will be revealed after the event has concluded.
You are not allowed to use a name that makes the participating artists obvious.
All genres are available, there are no storage limits.
If the participant has own a website or storage site, please don't upload your BMS in these sites.
During the event period, the official Twitter account will promote all the songs.
Making a BMS from a song previously released (e.g. on a CD or album) is permitted, as long as the song is according to the event rules.
Collaborating with yourself is not allowed.
Support members like vocal or BGI/BGA creators may have their names revealed, however, if this member often collaborates with the same person, it is advised to use a pseudonym.
It is not required to keep silent about having participated this event on social media sites, however you may not disclose which particular entry is yours even in BGI or BGA.

There maybe a little bit confusing about which group names is suitable, so I make some examples, click me.


Q. I don't understand using what kind of group names...
A. If the group name does not have your own alias inside and it's ok.


Q. Will any points are being deducted by the group names ?
A. This event will not do any points deduction, it's free to hide your style or not.

Q. If I am going to participate this event and want to impress all the songs, then I will disclose my alias because I can't impress to my song!
A. You may use fake name or your group name to do impressions. 

​Registration Example

You have to type the real alias in 構成メンバー, also, if there are only one alias or two alias but is the same people, the BMS will be disqualified
​For Sample MP3, you should not disclose the real alias in the URL.

For arrangements and remixes, you may participate with one as long as it is made by two or more people.

Impression score will range from 1~100 pts.

The impression score will be hidden during the last 3 days of the impression period.

For other rules, please refer to the BMS Event Rule Standard (BRS ver.002).
Any entries that are not according to these rules will be disqualified.

to Services

If you have any questions, you may contact our official Twitter account @mutualfaith2 (English is OK!)

Event Organizer: REVLIS (@st_silver)

Special Thanks:
Event Venue: scytheleg (@scytheleg)
Banner and Logo: 空読無 白眼 (@9domu_46i)

English rules support:Dolphin (@dolphinsssz)

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